it is a natural finishing that is applied to garments and fabrics, it uses a minimum quantity of water and chemical products which can lead to savings in energy, water and additives of up to 90%, proposing a new type of very more sustainable and ad hoc finish, where only what is needed is produced, without overproduction.



Thanks to the nebulization dyeing technology, that micronize water droplets and the cork particles that penetrate inside the fibers remain anchored to the fabric structure, giving a unique aesthetic characteristic, and increasing the thermal and antistatic resistance , thanks to the properties of the cork. This way, productions are obtained without waste and with zero emissions, without having to worry about the treatment of wastewater, which is generated in traditional dyeing processes.


Nebulized Cork

With ECOfinish nebulization technology, the cork powder gives structure to the garment and prevents the accumulation of pollen or fine dust on the surface, ideal for allergy sufferers. This product has been created using the ECOfinish technology of the Spanish company Care Applications in a technology transfer program.


Second Life

Nanocork can be applied both for ready-made garments and on virgin fabrics, it offers the alternative of giving a second life to discarded garments or garments damaged during the dyeing or finish process, favoring the recycling of textile products for brands.



Nanocork is a finishing service on garments/fabrics supplied by the customer, with the possibility of purchasing Lebiu Nanocork fabrics already produced and used for sampling.